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If you contact us by e-mail, your personal data are relayed to us and enable our response to your inquiry or contacting you to fulfil a service (legal basis: GDPR Article 6(1)(b)). This data will not be used for distribution of any newsletters.


The data relayed to us may be processed by our service providers:

  • Marek.pro Marek Drzewiecki (ul. Kościuszki 54, 99-352 Dąbrowice, NIP (VAT ID): 775-259-66-54) – hosting services provider – server storage of personal data (e-mail).


When using our website, requests are sent to the server which hosts it. The requests are saved in server logs (and include the IP address, date and time, website data, and/or the operating system of the visitor of this website).

  • Marek.pro Marek Drzewiecki (ul. Kościuszki 54, 99-352 Dąbrowice, NIP (VAT ID): 775-259-66-54) – hosting services provider


The user who voluntarily submits his/her personal data has the following rights:

  • the right to access and correct the submitted personal data;
  • the right to revoke his/her consent for personal data processing;
  • this does not apply to the data we are required to store due to official, legal, or security reasons;
  • the right to complain about the data processing by the Data Controller.

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